What happens when you mix one generation with another?

You get a super fun and exciting activity for all to enjoy!

Children keep us young and continuously keep us on our toes.  Our residents are loving our inter-generational program with visiting children from a local childcare centre, Robyn Jane Child Care Centre, with new fortnightly visits from their 3 year old group.

The residents and the children have had a great time getting to know one another, singing songs, playing games and completing tasks together.  The children refer to Holmwood as their new friends “party house” because of all the fun they’ve been having here.

The residents light-up when the children walk in for the afternoon and love hearing about them and their stories as much as they like hearing the residents.

We have a number of residents who have worked hands on with children in schools and kindergartens and for them it’s bringing back so many memories and they love the experiences again

The children get just as much out of it as our residents and we are looking forward to the fortnightly visits with our new friends.