Homely Residential Rooms

There is a variety of delightful single or double residential rooms to choose from
(so couples can stay together). The new extension that opened in August 2018 can accommodation an extra 40 residents. These rooms are very spacious and residents can bring some of their cherished items to feel at home.

Rooms in the new extension include:

  • Private ensuite bathroom
  • Flat screen TV
  • Built in wardrobe
  • Outdoor patio area
  • 24/7 nurse call system
Entry Details

Our residents benefit from the comforts of a safe, comfortable and
nurturing environment – that looks and feels just like home.

Room Type Suite Features Max. Occupancy Size



Daily Accommodation Payment.


Refundable Accommodation Deposit.  Up to a maximum of:

Single Room – Deluxe – Private Ensuite Stunning new room with private ensuite, TV and built in wardrobe.  Facing landscaped exteriors.  External access to own patio. 1 20 sqm $50.55 $450,000
Single Room – Premium – Private Ensuite Beautiful new room with private ensuite, TV and built in wardrobe.  Close to dining and living area. 1 20 sqm $39.32 $350,000
Single Room – Standard – Private Ensuite Spacious new single room with TV, private ensuite and built in wardrobe.  Facing courtyard. 1 20 sqm $33.70 $300,000
Single Room – Entry – Private Ensuite Single homely room with private ensuite.  Facing courtyard or streetscape and mature trees. 1 15.2 or 20 sqm $33.70 $300,000
Single Room – No Ensuite Private room.  Close to activities room and secure courtyard. 1 10.8 or 15.2 sqm $20.08 $250,000
Double Room – Private Ensuite Double room with private ensuite.  Most face landscaped courtyard. 2 25.4 or 29.5 sqm $30.89 $275,000
Double Room – Shared Ensuite Double room with shared ensuite.  Close to dining and lounge area and also a courtyard. 2 24.8 sqm $28.08 $250,000
Double Room – No Ensuite Double room.  Central location and close to admin / nurse station.  Air conditioning. 2 23.2 sqm $21.79 $194,000
Shared Room – No Ensuite Companionship shared room.  Central location and close to admin/nurse station.  Air conditioning. 3 32.9 sqm $21.79 $194,000

To understand how to calculate accommodation payments, visit the
Fees & Payments page of our website here for a detailed,
step by step breakdown.

Important to note:

  • The Effective Maximum Permissible Interest Rate is 4.10% from 1st July 2020 to 30th September 2020. This is reviewed quarterly by the government and subject to change.
  • The basic daily care fee is in additional to the above accommodation charges. If charges such as a means tested care fee is deemed relevant, they are also in additional to the above.
  • For concessional/fully supported residents the above accommodation fees do not apply.
  • Price is correct as at 1st July 2020 and subject to change.
  • Visit www.myagedcare.gov.au or call 1800 200 422 for further information on Government fees and charges