We all scream for ice-cream!!

Holmwood Aged care has thrown a Sundae and Banana Split Party!  After popular demand for the tasty treat, staff have held an ice-cream extravaganza.

An ice-cream station was set up and orders were taken for ice-cream sundaes or banana splits complete with all the trimmings!  There was chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream.  There were crushed nuts, sprinkles, toppings of every flavour – cherries, whipped cream – you name it, we ate it!

The residents had a great time eating the decadent desserts and telling staff exactly how they wanted their icy cold treat!  It was a fun and sticky afternoon and a great way to keep the summer heat at bay.

Holmwood Aged Care runs a regular ‘Ice-Cream Trolley’ complete with lights and music. Residents have the choice of over a dozen flavours – and limitless combinations.  So far, our house favourites are Rum and Raisin, Boysenberry Swirl and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Bon appetite to all our ice-cream connoisseurs!