‘Twas the party for Christmas

‘Twas the party for Christmas, and from ceiling to floor,
The whole home was adorned with Christmas decor.
The carols were playing, the revelers all dressed
And the entertainer was ready to be put to the test.
The guests were all greeted with cheers and with glee,
While visions of the years antics played on repeat on TV.’

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. A time to reflect, a time for family and a time for fun – it is the silly season after all.

Residents at Holmwood Aged Care have had a wonderfully enjoyable Christmas season this year with entertainers, visiting children, games, craft, carol singing, movies, decorating, and most importantly, reminiscing about all the good Christmas times they have had.

With no less than 5 Christmas Trees adorning the home, all of which have been decorated under the watchful eyes of some very dedicated residents. The decorations of the home are nothing less than perfect.

The focus of December for Holmwood Aged Care’s residents is their annual Christmas Party and the residents celebrated in style with a huge party with all their families invited. It was an afternoon of good music, good company, good food, and even better wine.

Guests were greeted by a live classical violinist in the foyer before being directed to their loved ones. The residents were seated in one the many lounge rooms where they could mingle happily with family and friends while being served a veritable buffet of food and drinks. All the while being entertained by a roving musician playing the guitar and violin.

Every resident received presents from ‘Santa’s Elves’ (aka the staff who were all adorning Christmas gear for the party). They then gathered together for a wonderful time celebrating and listening whilst singing to Celtic fiddle music and Christmas Carols (both old and new).

The food on offer was nothing short of delicious (and over indulgent) plus it included the Christmas theme. There were roast beef and turkey sandwiches, mince pies, homemade fruit cake, white Christmas, chocolate truffles, gingerbread, reindeer biscuits, rum mousse, parfait served in wine goblets and more. Of course there was fruit punch and wine for some Christmas cheer!

When they weren’t singing, dancing and drinking merrily, everyone was enjoying watching endless video of the year’s activities, events and celebrations to reminisce to.

It is Holmwood Aged Care’s privilege to be a part of each of our residents Christmas celebrations and we thank them for being with us not only at Christmas, but all through the year. We are looking forward to continuing all our programs and more into the new year- with new activities, new events and celebrations, new projects… and soon a whole new building to explore.

While most people are winding down for the Christmas period, our residents are ready and geared up to start 2018 at full pace.

We wish all of our residents, their relatives, our staff and the wider community not only a safe and Merry Christmas but also a Happy New Year and we look forward to celebrating with you all in 2018.

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