There’s a horse at the front door!

It’s not every day that residents living in assisted facilities get to step out their front door and meet a 17 hand thoroughbred… but not every resident lives at Holmwood.

In November we were visited by not one, but two very big, very beautiful Percheron horses which was a fantastic experience for residents to enjoy – many of whom have grown up with or around horses.

Residents only had to step a few feet out their front door to meet the horses and spent ages petting and feeding them (needless to say a mountain of carrots were devoured). They sharing stories with each other, the horses and their handlers.

The residents were in awe not only of their sheer size and presence of the horses, but also at just how gentle these giants were. Although no one took up the offer to ‘jump on’ the residents never the less had a fantastic time with their new equine friends.

Everyone had the opportunity to pet the horse and have their photos taken with them. It was a really special moment for a number of residents who have had very horse and equine-oriented lives. It was a wonderful chance for them to be outside and ‘handling’ beloved animals once more.

Organised through local Le Pine funeral services with Dean Crichton from Unique Carriage Hire, the residents had an amazing time and we are very grateful for the opportunity and the experience.

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