The times they are a-changing’ at Holmwood Aged Care

Renowned for its safe, comfortable and caring environment, 2015 has been a big year for Holmwood Aged Care.


While its residents have continued to enjoy their carefree, country-like lifestyle, a new management team has been implemented and has some big surprises in-store for the local community.

Rob Wylie, one of the new business owners and a local resident having lived in the Yarra Valley area for 29 years, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm while describing the plans to develop the home into a larger residency thanks to an upcoming modern extension. The plans for the extensions are being developed by Smith + Tracey Architects in preparation for submission to the local council for approval.

“For so long, a relaxed country feel has epitomised Holmwood Aged Care, and we have no intent of doing anything to diminish that,” says Wylie.

Rob went onto detail how the extension would allow for more residents to enjoy Holmwood Aged Care while allowing the home to cater for pressing demands from potential new residents such as more bedrooms with their own dedicated ensuite.

“We took over the home in February and we made sure we did our homework before putting any plans in place and our residents were incredibly helpful in terms of guiding us in the right direction,” says Wylie.

As a result, the new management team are spearheading plans that will see residents enjoying a range of new features such as new outdoor courtyards, a fantastic living, dining room and activity area, a hairdresser, a consulting room and more.

“For our residents, Holmwood Aged Care is their home. It’s important that we continue to improve upon this fantastic residency and in turn, cement ourselves as an integral part of the local community.

”Rob added that the new management team would continue building close relationships with local service providers. This includes using local suppliers to continue the tradition of preparing fresh nutritious meals that are prepared and cooking onsite.

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