Family is a key aspect of Holmwood Aged Care.  Family has and will always be a founding virtue and one of the core values.  This week we had an opportunity to re-connect a family in a very special way.

Holmwood Aged Care helped coordinate a special visit for one on our new residents, Frank.  He is 100 years young and would often speak about his kid sister Greta, who is 3 years younger than him.

Currently, Greta resides at another aged care home in Oakleigh.  Together staff at the two homes organised a catchup for the two siblings.

It has been several years since the two siblings had seen each other.  It was wonderful to be able to bring them back together so that they could spend time reconnect and bonding.

Frank waited patiently in the foyer for his little sis’ and greeted her with open arms. Being the older brother, he simply could not resist and joked about how much she had shrunk over the years.

They enjoyed an afternoon tea together and chatting away.  They farewelled each other with a big hug until next time they meet.  Holmwood Aged Care is looking to organise another catch up between them again soon.