Residents Create Beautiful Living Artwork!

Art comes alive at Holmwood Aged Care’s weekly painting activity. Residents have been taking art to the next level, beyond just canvas and paint to three dimensional, living artwork

The lifestyle staff at Holmwood Aged Care encourages their residents to be as hands-on, creative and independent as they can be in the many activities they coordinate.

Earlier this year the residents undertook a huge challenge – to create a new artwork to adorn the corridors of their home.  They took on the challenge with passion and enthusiasm. The residents made the decision as a group that they wanted a large landscape painting, something that everybody could relate to and settling on a beachscape.  They set to work in teams to paint sand, sea and sky.

The residents were very passionate about their project and returned each week to complete more and more.  With the canvas mural coming together, the residents moved beyond the paint and brushes to create a stimulative three dimensional, artwork.  It became a piece of art that was more than just a canvas – an artwork could be seen, touched and smelt.  To achieve this the residents attached a number of different items to the canvas including seashells of all different shapes and colours, lavender grass to symbolise tussocks in the dunes, there is sand mixed in with the paint and ribbons glued into the wave that ripple in the breeze.

“The project really came together as the residents became more and more passionate about it.  The great part was it went from a small group project to involving the whole Holmwood Aged Care community.  Staff would come in and wash brushes for residents, families donated items to add to the artwork – it was great to see everyone supporting the residents in their goal” says Lifestyle staff member, Anne.

The crucial element of this unique artwork is that it is alive. The final piece of the canvas was the addition of four living plants – air plants – that will grow and flower and change the landscape of the artwork.

“The residents love the fact that the artwork will change – that it will grow and flower and they will constantly have a new artwork to look at” says Ben, Lifestyle coordinator.

“The reactions and the feedback from families and visitors has been overwhelming.  The artwork is hung in the centre of the home where everyone passes.  We hear them discussing it with their loved ones or other visitors and are proud that their own mum or dad was involved in creating the artwork. It’s fantastic to see the residents being congratulated on their work and their efforts.” say Ben.

The seascape is the first of several pieces planned for 2017.  Residents are well on their way to completing a second piece inspired by the local winery landscapes which will also be added to the home’s walls.  With a major expansion of the home being undertaken, there will be much more space for the residents artworks to be displayed.

Holmwood Aged Care welcomes any donations of art material and supplies for residents to use.  For further information, call 5962 4321.

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