Rescue puppies develop their social skills

These adorable rescue puppies are receiving the necessary training and socialising they need to prepare them for their new homes.   

Work Breed Rehab (WBR) is a Foster Care rescue group focusing on rehoming working breed dogs such as Cattle dogs, Kelpies, Boarder Colliers, Koolies, Maremmas, Shetland Sheepdogs, Aussie Shepherds and their crosses.  They ensure the loveable pets (both young and old) go to great homes and families who will care for them.

WBR recently visited Holmwood Aged Care with a box fill of very cute puppies much to the delight of the residents.  Interaction with people helps develop the dog’s social behaviour, establish boundaries and builds their confidence.

The residents were overwhelmed by licks, cuddles and affection by the playful pooches which put a smile on all their faces.   Many of the residents have grown up with dogs and therefore the interaction and affection with them stimulates fond and nurturing memories.

“Dogs just make you feel so good about the world.  They don’t care where you’re from or what you’ve been through – it doesn’t matter to them – just as long as you are kind to them they’ll be the same to you” said resident, Denise

Residents encourage the community to support the organisation and can donate by going to

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