Once upon a time….Harry Potter loved by residents!

Book Club is a favorite activity at Holmwood Aged Care, whose residents have found a favorite in the most unlikely of places – the Harry Potter series.

As one of the most widely recognised pop culture items of modern times, the residents have embraced this modern classic with gusto and are loving the stories that are read by Holmwood Aged Care’s Lifestyle Coordinator, Ben.  The group is passionate about the series and after 12 months, completing several chapters each week, they have just finished the final in the 7 book series!

“We identified that there were a number of residents who could no longer read for themselves so when we started our Book Club we found it more popular than we had predicted and we began holding them more frequently.

We had done a number of short-stories and small novels, but I wanted to do something bigger and something more modern that they could engage with their families, visitors and staff about” says Ben.  “I was hesitant about Harry Potter as it isn’t a genre many of them would have read before and I didn’t know how they would respond.  When we got to the three-headed-dog called Fluffy and the whole audience was laughing I knew I was on to something – they were listening and engaged.  It’s what I wanted to achieve.  It’s the goal of all our activities!”

What started out as a once-off book quickly turned into the second book, then the third in the series.  The residents kept on wanting more.   “We took a break in between books but the residents wanted more of the same.  They were asking for the rest of the series” says Ben.

Meeting most days after lunch in the lounge and again just before tea, the residents settled into their favorite arm chairs or around the table to enjoy the relaxing reading activity.

“I have really enjoyed the stories and it’s very easy to relax and enjoy them.  They are very easy to listen to.  I can’t read for myself anymore so it is a treat to be read to” says resident Herma, who has attended every session to date.

The residents have really enjoyed the humor, the gripping scenes and storyline and the unique characters.  They laughed with the antics of staff engaging and acting out scenes with residents doing sound effects and voices – it’s been a lot of fun for all.

“Harry Potter is such a huge part of modern culture and it’s been great to engage the residents in it and hear them talking about it days later with staff, visitors and even their grandchildren – relating to a younger generation.  I’m happy to know that they are enjoying it as well as taking it in.” says Ben.

Now that the series is over, what’s next for the attentive and passionate Book Club?
We haven’t found our next big series yet but we are doing a few stand alone books until we do.   It’s all up to the residents.  We will read whatever they enjoy.

If you have a favourite book recommendation that our residents may enjoy, feel free to contact us.  Ph: 5962 4312 or email info@holmwood.com.au

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