Melina Townsend

Holmwood Aged Care was delighted to have Kaye, the great granddaughter of Melina Townsend visit the home!  Our new extension opened in August 2018 and is named ‘Townsend’.  This was named after Kaye’s great grandmother Melina Townsend.

Melina Townsend was a well-respected midwife and friend to all in the local community.  Melina was born in Melbourne in 1884 and came to the Healesville area in the 1920’s.  She was a triple certified nursing sister and established a small hospital on the corner of Ryrie Street and Lilydale Road.

Kaye and her husband were taken on a tour of Holmwood Aged Care and had the opportunity to walk through the Townsend extension.  Kay shared stories of Nurse Townsend along with some photos of Melina, her husband Percy and son Baz.

We look forward to welcoming Kaye and her family back to Holmwood Aged Care in the future.