Major breakthrough for Australian Scientists in reducing Dementia symptoms

There is hope yet for Alzheimer’s patients around the world with Australian scientists uncovering a major breakthrough which could lead to reducing dementia symptoms and slowing the progression of the disease.

A connection has been made between the levels of iron in the brain and lose of memory, language and muscular difficulty. Tests have shown that patients who tested positive for low levels of iron in the brain compared to those that tested positive for high levels of iron had a much slower decline in the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

This link between brain iron and Alzheimer’s is a promising answer to reducing the effects of the disease and hopefully in time being the key to putting a stop to Alzheimer’s.

With progress already made, ideally this could be included in the 60 year old health check with a MR scan to determine brain iron levels. The necessary treatment would then follow, giving hope to Australians suffering from this disease.

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