Just how much meaning the word ‘family’ has at Holmwood!

Family values is an essential ingredient to keeping a family glued together.  This can be seen through the strong connections that Holmwood Aged Care share with their staff and residents.

The home has seen serving the community for nearly 40 years and has always stayed true to its family values.  That’s one of the things that makes the place so special.   Family has and will always be a founding virtue and one of the cores to our home-like environment.

Our residents become our family, our visitors are extended families and our staff, majority of them are family.  It has recently come to light just how much meaning the word ‘family’ has at Holmwood Aged Care, which currently has:

  • 4 staff whose grandparent are residents,
  • 4 staff whose parents are residents
  • 1 staff with a sibling who is a resident

This speaks volumes about the care when its own staff place their loved ones in aged care here and is a touching tribute to not only the home but to the staff who work here.

“It’s an honour to be asked to care for a staff members loved one.  The trust they are putting in us means so much, that they choose to work here is one thing, but to then ask us to care for their own family, it speaks volumes that they put the care our team delivers above all others” says Facility Manager, Rachael Beever

In addition to this, some staff that work together are related too.  There are also:

  • 3 mother and daughters
  • 1 father and daughter
  • 3 sisters

They say you should never work with family, but here it works.  Everyone gets in and focuses on the job at hand – looking after residents.   All the staff are like family and some of them are just more closely related.

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