How to find your elderly loved one the best aged care nursing home.

How to find the best aged care nursing home for a loved one can be challenging.  There are many variables to consider – location, care requirements, room types, staffing and not to mention the financials.

Prior to searching for a home, in most cases your loved one should have already met with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and received a letter of approval for eligibility for residential aged care.  You can then start to search for an aged care nursing home.

A good starting point to finding a home is to identify ones that are in your area (or chosen area).  A quick way to do this is to go to the Australian Government website and search by suburb or postcode.  Refer to link at the bottom of the page.

Which aged care nursing home is the best?  

The best way to find a home that suits the needs of your loved one is to visit a few.  However, it pays to ring an advance and make an appointment for a tour.  It is suggested to take the letter from ACAT with you as some homes will want to see that you have been approved and what care is required.

The right home may not necessarily be the latest one to be built but more so the home that best suits the needs of your loved one.  The home must also align to what is important to them such as the environment to ensure they are happy.

By visiting aged care nursing homes, you will see that each one is different which will help you find out what to expect.  It will allow you to get a feel of each home to determine if it’s the right choice.  It’s also a chance to view the accommodation options, identify the types of care services available, and to see the activities and features of each home.

For example, Holmwood Aged Care is ideal for someone with higher care needs and looking for a quiet country setting.

It’s worthwhile making a list of considerations.  As you visit each home note down observations, things you do and don’t like.  You will need to apply to the home for a residential place for your loved one.

Some questions to consider may include:

  • What room arrangements are in place if your loved ones care needs increase?

  • Does your loved one have special care needs such as dementia?  Is this care available?

  • Do they need assistance with tasks such as showering, dressing, using the toilet or walking?

  • What are the meal options – special dietary requirements, are meals delivered to rooms?

  • Are the staff friendly?  What training, experience and qualifications do they have?

  • How does the home ensure privacy and dignity for the residents?

  • Are pets allowed to come and live with your loved one?

  • Does the home cater to special social considerations such as language, culture and religion?

  • What activities, entertainment and programs are in place for resident engagement and well being?

  • What shops and activities are around the local area for family and friends to visit with a resident?

  • Does the home meet your loved ones medical needs such as help with wounds or medication?

  • Does the home offer services from a Doctor, podiatry, physiotherapy, dietician or speech therapy?

  • What type of care is not provided?  How is this managed?

  • Can family or close friends stay overnight with a loved one if necessary?

  • Is the home affordable?  What are the financial costs?

  • Does the home have availability or a waiting list?

  • Can you expect to be offering a place at the home?

It’s only nature to want the best aged care nursing home for your loved one and by viewing them you will make a more informed decision.

For a home that offers the best in personalised care and residential accommodation, contact Holmwood Aged Care.  They are located in Healesville, Victoria which is within the scenic Yarra Ranges region.  They have a proud history of providing aged care services to the local community for over 40 years.

Call now for a tour – 03 5962 4321

Australian Government Website for Aged Care


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