How ‘Aged Care Services’ can comfort your elderly during the latter part of their life

Some people believe that the elderly should remain in their own home for as long as possible.  This may be workable if there is a team of carers or family members on hand ensuring their every need is being met.  If this is not the case, living independently can be an isolating experience particularly if the elderly person is less mobile or frail.  Families who have recognised this and moved their elder into Aged Care rarely regret the decision.

If, when you think Aged Care, you imagine the dreary nursing homes of old, then it’s time to think again!   Aged Care Services have transformed over recent years. They now offer a modern holistic   and individual approach to care, providing comfort that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Aged Care services employ trained professionals to provide all manner of care.  On a physical level it might include assistance with toileting, showering and dressing.  This intimacy is essential for the safety of some elderly, but it also provides an opportunity to be touched by a gentle hand – something that may have been absent for those living alone.  Physical comfort may be as simple as accompanying the resident as they take a walk around the garden or escorting them to an activity or meal.  These incidental encounters during the day provide a wonderful social connection.

There is comfort for the resident and the family in knowing that medical staff are on duty 24×7.  They are on hand to attend to medical emergencies, to summon a doctor as needed or simply reassure.  Registered nurses are responsible for the administration of all medication; no risk of missed tablets or incorrect dosage.

The comfort that Aged Care service providers also takes the form of the companionship of staff and other residents as they become involved in various activities and entertainment.  A typical week at Holmwood Aged Care might include crafts such as constructing a gingerbread house, or a knitting group; an art class where all skill levels are welcome; and traditional entertainment such as sing-alongs and card games.   There is also plenty of opportunity for social interaction with each other whether it is a chat over diner or comparing thoughts about a movie.  Residents are encouraged to enjoy our peaceful gardens, cut roses for their rooms and take in some vitamin D.

Attending our on-site church service provides solace for many at a vulnerable stage of their life. Pastoral care at an individual level is also available for residents.  This opportunity to speak openly with someone other than family about troubling thoughts, loss and grief or simply reminisce provides reassurance and comfort.

To find out more about Holmwood Aged Care and how it can provide a caring environment for you or your loved one please call 5962 4321.

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