Christmas Festivities

Holmwood Aged Care hosted its annual Christmas Party and residents celebrated in style. For the first time this year, there was a party in each wing! All families were invited to celebrate with good music, good company, good food, and even better wine. Residents all received presents from ‘Santa’s Elves’ (aka the staff who were covered in Christmas gear).

The food was nothing short of delicious (and over indulgent). There was roast beef and turkey sandwiches, mince pies, homemade fruit cake, white Christmas chocolate truffles, gingerbread and more.

With 9 Christmas Trees adorning the home this year, all decorated by some very dedicated residents. The festive season has been enjoyable with lots of entertainers, games, craft, carol singing, movies, decorating, and most importantly, remembering wonderful times of Christmas’s past.

It is a privilege to be a part of each of our residents Christmas celebrations and we thank them for being with us not only at Christmas, but all through the year.

We look forward to 2019 with enthusiasm; with new activities, new events and celebrations, and new projects ahead, and continue to strive to exceed our residents and our own expectations.

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