Chef’s Table – Tasting Time!

Dégustation is all about the appreciative tasting of a range of foods that is carefully eaten. This also focuses on the senses, high culinary art and the company of other. Dégustation involves sampling small portions prepared by the chef.

The residents at Holmwood Aged care experience their very own degustation event several times a year, where they gather for our ‘Chef’s Table’ in November. This is a tasting and discussion session which sees the catering team trial a number of new and exciting dishes for feedback before including them on the menu.

Our Chef’s Table saw the residents sample 11 different mini-courses over an afternoon with everything from Enchiladas; Minted Lamb Kofta’s; Warm Honey Mustard Chicken Salad; Bacon, Mushroom and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts; Lemon and Thyme Steamed Fish Parcels; Summer Mixed Berry Slice; Mango Tart and more! Needless to say it was very filling and the residents had a blast tasting new recipes and chatting amongst themselves and the catering team as to what worked and what didn’t. They also gave feedback as to how to improve item’s and what needed a second opinion… needless to say the mango tart needed second and third opinions… or is that helpings?

This was a great opportunity for residents to sample many new dishes – mains, sides and desserts and provide feedback directly to our catering staff. They also get first-hand input into the menu.

Our Chef’s Table is just one of the many ways Holmwood Aged Care’s incredible team empower their residents to have a say in the goings on here. This includes the day-to-day activities, special events and functions, themed weeks, the menu and more.

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