A place to call home

Ever wondered what life at our home looks like? For residents at Holmwood Aged Care, no two days are the same. With a range of activities and events happening round the clock, there’s always something for residents to look forward to.

At Holmwood, we understand that placing a loved one into care can be difficult, often associated with guilt and stress and that finding the right home for a loved one is an important decision. Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive and supportive environment for our residents’ well-being.

Holmwood Aged Care resident, Patricia Mills, shares her journey about her transition into care what life is like at the home.

When reflecting on her move to Holmwood Aged Care, Pat said she felt nervous and there was some hesitation, a very common feeling for new residents. ‘I suppose I was a little nervous of the unknown, but it went away quickly with the staff being so welcoming and supportive,’ she says. ‘I was tired of looking after myself, so I thought I would come here and let others look after me for a change.’

Pat says she appreciates the tranquillity and attentive care at the home and loves that she can sit back and relax while being taken care of. ‘It’s just like being at home, but everything is done for you,’ she says. The dedicated staff, whom she describes as ‘wonderful and very helpful,’ contribute to the cosy environment echoed throughout the home.

Pat says she finds joy in the various relaxing lounges throughout the home, including the newly refurbished library. ‘I sit there every day in the afternoon. It’s wonderful,’ she adds, highlighting the importance of having serene spaces for residents.

With various activities happening daily, friendships bloomed naturally for Pat when she moved into Holmwood. When asked about if she has made any friends since moving into the home, Pat happily answers, ‘Of course I have! It’s lovely because you meet so many people in the social areas – café, library, the dining room. We have our own community here, and we are encouraged to spend time doing what we want and spending time with each other if we want to,’ she adds.

Pat is a regular member in the Coffee Club, held in the café area twice a week. ‘We get together, have an early morning tea, read the paper, and solve all the world’s problems. There’s always a lot of laughs,’ she says. From reading in the library to attending music concerts and happy hour, Pat says she values the diverse range of activities available at the home.

When asked about what the staff are like at Holmwood, Pat replies, ‘Very good. I have no complaints whatsoever. Anything I have asked for they have helped with. They are eager to help and very caring. The team is just lovely and treat you so well and so kind. They’re great at their jobs and caring for all of us.’

For those considering Holmwood for their loved ones, Pat shares that it is the ‘Best place to live! And the best move I have ever made.’

Our dedicated team at Holmwood Aged Care are here to guide and support residents and their families when making the move into care. If you’re considering aged care for you or a loved one, book a private tour of our home and have all your questions answered by our friendly team.