A Life Lived Well

Born in 1916 in England, Nesta Davies had called Healesville her home for the past forty years, until passing peacefully on the 18th November.  She had resided happily for the past 6 years at Holmwood Aged Care.

Nesta studied nursing after her schooling but unfortunately was unable to complete her training due to WW2.  She went on to meet her husband, and together had their two sons.  Although the marriage wasn’t to last, it did bring Nesta and her family to Australia.  They first lived in Perth, then made their way to Melbourne and lived in Bayswater.  This is where Nesta paid off her home as a single mother, working for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  When she turned 62 years, Nesta retired and moved to Healesville.

Healesville is where Nesta made a home for herself and got involved in the local community, where she undertook numerous volunteer roles.  This included volunteering at the townships own Mountain Views News for many years.  It is in Healesville where she found a passion for bush walking in the local areas.

Nesta was a woman full of vigour, life and happiness.  She loved animals, jazz music and when she was younger, travelling.  She had traveled to Wales, Spain, America to visit her son and his family, and many parts of Australia.

A memorial service was held for Nesta at Holmwood Aged Care, where everyone celebrated her life sharing their favourite memories of her.  “We were touched to be able to not only host the service for the family, but to be asked to be a part of it too” says facility manager, Rachael Beever, who fondly recalls Nesta, only a few weeks before ‘holding court’ with a group of ladies in the dining room. “She had this group of ladies that she would share stories with and it would make them all roar with laughter, hanging on Nesta’s every word.  She was truly the life of the party”.

Her co-residents at the home had warm memories of the centenarian – “She was amazing for her age” says resident Ellen “Always doing something and always friendly and smiling”.

Even when she reached her 101st year, Nesta’s love for life remained. “She attended all of our activities and rarely remained in her room.  She enjoyed keeping busy and would say it was good to be busy.  She always wanted something to do!” says Lifestyle Coordinator Ben, who has cared for Nesta since her admission to the home.

Nesta didn’t live with any regrets, but wished she could have been able to finish her Nurse Training and learned how to play the piano.

Nesta’s family have purchased a lemon tree, the same as what Nesta had in her garden at her prior property. This will be planted at the home and a planting ceremony will take place in the new year. There will also be a plaque in memory of a very special lady, whose life was lived well to the end. Rest In Peace Nesta.